Choosing a Great Guitar for Children

Which guitar we should buy for children? This is the question of many parents when they decide to let their children learn about guitar. Nowadays, they just need a sufficient budget o be able to own a quality guitar for their children. However, besides taking care of their wallets, the parents also choose a best beginner guitar for children.

The size of the guitar has a strong impact on children when they play the guitar. Small children should use a small guitar to embrace it easily that will help children be more interested in playing than an oversized guitar. Selecting suitable guitar will help children’s fingers promote full power and also avoid injury. For most children over the age of 12 will need a full size guitar. However, the younger children have to have suitable choices for ages to help them learn guitar easily. The children at 4 years should use a guitar that is 1/4 the standard size. A guitar that is 1/2 the standard size is suitable for children from 5 to 7 years old. Some children at this age can use a guitar 3/4 the size. For children from 9-10 years of age, the parents can buy a 7/8 sized guitar for their children.


There are many types of guitar for you to choose such as nylon guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and so on. The best choice for children is having a nylon guitar because their fingers are still weak. The parents may also choose an electric guitar for their children because the upper part of the electric guitar is slimmer than other guitars especially the first 3 keys. This will help them to easily move their hands around and not encounter any obstacles.

Although it’s more difficult to play than Organ, guitar has a strange attraction for children. The first basic step for children to learn guitar is sitting posture. An exact posture will help children more comfortable in learning as well as avoid scoliosis because of incorrect sitting. The first thing is watching children’s posture and finding a suitable seat with an armless chair having suitable height. Let your child sit comfortably, keep their back relatively straight and, their knees are outward. Put the guitar barrel on children’s right thigh and then put the body of guitar near the body of children. The parents should keep the guitar in order that neck parallels to the floor. The left arm of the child should be relaxed at the top of the neck and the right hands put on the position sound hole of the instrument. When adjusting their hands, you should put thumb of children on the back of neck and put other fingers on the frets.

There are some notes for parents when letting their children learn guitar. Look at the manipulation of children and find ways for children to sit most comfortably. If parents see the child uncomfortable, the guitar may be too big and parents should choose another guitar for them to try more comfortably.

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