How To Select The Best Egg Boiler

Cooking eggs should not be difficult but at times it’s quite difficult to get perfectly hard or soft boiled eggs all the time. Even when you know precisely how long it takes to boil the eggs you get past and end up over cooking eggs. Here’s when egg boiler comes into the picture. Most of the cookers use steam than boiling water so eggs peel much easier too.

Generally, most of the cookers will poach eggs and make omelets as well. There are other models which cook other foods as well. Some cookers propose piercing the large end of the eggs before cooking to lessen the chance of the eggs cracking during cooking, but it may not always be essential.

When you’re ready for your breakfast to be a lot easier, try one of these top egg cookers on the market.

Two Best Egg Boiler

  1. Stvin Electric Egg Boiler Poacher – Compact, Stylish 7 Egg Cooker by Stvin

This egg boiler from Stvin is easy to use and can boil easily up to 7 eggs at once. The package comes with 1egg boiler and a measuring cup. The transparent lid can see the food easily.

  1. Inovera Electric Egg Boiler Poacher Stylish 7 Egg Boiled Cooker, Multi

This egg boiler let you prepare eggs the way you want without oil or fat. The body is made with plastic and steel and is available in multiple colors. Here you can consistently cook automatic egg cooker/boiler. It is one of the best egg boiler in the market and is great for all your needs.

If you’re an egg lover and time is a constraint then egg boiler could be your fix. Enjoy eggs anytime anywhere with this boiler boil up to 7 eggs at one go. Stvin and Inovera come with their great models and portable enough to carry around.