Shredder blades and recycling knives ensure optimised performance with lower costs

Shredder blades are used for the volume reduction of industrial and municipal waste. That includes plastic, paper, copper, pulp, tyres, cables, aluminium and even medical waste, textiles and batteries. The product range of shredding knives is substantial and includes rotor and stator knives, shredder blocks, hammers, etc.

SIJ Ravne Systems produces high-precision recycling knives, which are available in a vast array of hardnesses and steels. The highest standards of the products are obtained by combining prime quality materials and cutting-edge heat treatment technology. They are tailor-made for specific necessities of a company and waste materials. The results of custom-made production are improved durability of the blades, lower cost and optimised machine performance.

industrial recycling-knives
The prime-quality shredder blades are the result of modern technology and tradition

Industrial blades are manufactured in a process where each step is made with complete control over the quality. Groundbreaking heat treatment procedures and advanced high grades of tool steel guarantee an unsurpassable ratio of hardness to safety against cracking. The best possible geometrical and dimensional tolerances are achieved by a specialised machine park. The same park also ensures optimised performance and precise gapping.

With a prolonged life span and ultimate precision, the high quality of the shredder blades is assured. Well, not quite. The company prides itself on prime-quality products. That is why they have their non-destructive test laboratory, which provides them with a new perspective on product safety by focusing on preventing internal defects. These minimise the risk of blade breakage and guarantee less machine downtime, extended periods between knife replacements and lower resharpening costs.

Are you on the lookout for supreme recycling knives? Then we invite you to check out the diverse array of quality products. The products are the perfect combination of modern technology and fifty years of tradition and knowledge.

industrial shredder blades

Manage waste with recycling knives by SIJ Ravne Systems

Shredder blades commonly break down plastic, wood, tyres, biomass, paper, cables and other types of waste. While natural resources are rapidly decreasing, recycling is becoming more and more meaningful. Not only to conserve natural resources but also to increase economic security by using a domestic source of materials. Industrial blades are an essential part of the recycling industry and are making a real difference in the environment.

MEWA shredders’ job is to break down the material into small segments as efficiently as possible using the ideal configurations. Optimal efficiency, lower costs and improved durability are achieved by choosing the correct type of blades. The extensive selection includes recycling knives such as:

Knives for shredding
Shredder blades were designed for shredding (volume reduction) industrial and municipal waste. These include everything from plastic and paper to textiles and medical waste. The product range includes fly and dead blades, rotor and stator knives, hammers, and shredder blocks. The blades are produced for well-known brands such as Lindemann, Weima, Lindner, Barclay, Eldan and MEWA shredders.

Knives for granulating
Knives for granulating recycle reusable raw materials such as aluminium, PET, and plastic into granulate. Their selection not only includes rotor, pelletizer and stator knives but also fly, dead and bed blades. The next generation of granulator knives has up to three times longer life, less vibration and dust, better productivity and less regrinding. The latter leads to lower service costs and energy consumption.

Knives for scrap metal recycling
These knives are used for recycling a variety of steel and cast iron. The company’s collection includes alligator shears, guide knives, and wear plates, to name a few. The blades are available in a wide range of different hardness and steel. With custom manufacturing SIJ Ravne Systems hopes to lower the knife cost, guarantee a longer lifetime and add better value.

mewa-shredder breaks down the material into small pieces